Off Menu
Identity for Food Festival

Off Menu

—Photos by Coke Bartrina
& Robbie Whitehead

Series of 7 posters for
different actions and events
hosted during OffMenu in
the city of Barcelona in 2012.

Barcelona stands in the
centre of Mediterranean food
culture: it is the cradle of
great chefs and its markets
and restaurants are woven
into the city’s DNA.

Off Menu emerges in this
contexts as a vessel for
different culinary expressions
anchored to the eating
tradition. All over the city it
proposes actions and events:
from Saturday to Thursday,
day or night, on the street or
behind closed doors, here and
there, at the table or on-the-go.
Institutions, local businesses
and the creative people
that have formed Off Menu
have all worked together
to offer an agenda of activities
open to the public.